“Those without tattoos are invisible to the gods”


I am Robert Boyd Smith, also known as Blacksmith, forging armors of ink since 2006.


My personal created work is established by multiple deep cultures, inspiring ethnic groups and spiritual mythological stories. As I collect protective symbolism from all over the world and fold this together into one story piece, you will ultimately be in the possession of a unique protective armor of ink. Of course, always with all the appreciation towards the derivation of these symbols. On the assumption that you are being as open and honest to me as possible, I am able to symbolize the protection that you need and therefore you will perceive a piece that is personalized and will fit only you. In the end, the overall strong message will be clearly seen from a distance. Yet only in a close-up, the hidden meaningful details will be exposed. As I draw everything directly on your skin, the final drawing will follow the lines of your body and therefore express even more power.